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SaunaBar is your holistic home for infrared sauna detox and personalized transformation. By focusing on Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, Relaxation, and Detoxification, we’ve set out to awaken each client’s limitless potential by elevating their awareness and perspective of what “whole health” really means.

SaunaBar utilizes cutting-edge technology such as Infrared SaunaPods, Lymphatic Compression Massage, Whole Body Vibration, and the Magnesphere (magnetic resonance therapy). We’ve redefined detox and weight loss paradigms with our renowned Transformation Weight Loss Program, featuring all-natural, homeopathic hCG, SaunaBar‘s specialized detox + slimming regimen, and customized one-on-one support. Our coaches help uncover the root problem of why you’re holding onto excess weight, setting you free so you can keep the weight off for good.

Our transcendental programs pay mind, body, and spirit to your diet, energy alignment, and awareness… giving you tools from both Eastern and Western holistic and scientific practices. Allow us to be your guide in the exciting opportunity to uncover the real you!

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Joseph Harounian

founder and CEO

SaunaBar is the direct result of Joseph’s personal journey of illness to health and fitness. An entrepreneurial visionary, Joseph has made it his life’s mission to seek out holistic wellness and alternative remedies. He aims to elevate public awareness to the long coveted secrets to integrated health. He is always excited to watch his forays into spirit science manifest into happy, satisfied clients.

Jourdan Rystrom

director, marketing manager, FNS, CPT

An incredible wealth of traditional Western and Eastern wellness techniques and philosophies, Jourdan is the backbone of SaunaBar‘s team. As an alum of the Transformation Program, she is a shining example of its efficacy. A virtuosic artistic channel in her own right with certifications in NASM, Crystal and Reiki healing, Jourdan openly shares and educates her clients with her unique integrated healing perspective.



Timothy Waterman

customer relations manager, CPT

Timothy is extremely passionate about helping clients and customers achieve their personalized goals. With a background in gymnastics, body building, and yoga, Timothy brings an aspect of deep understanding and patience to the table. New client regularly return to continue their transformations under his tutelage.

Nikki Preston

front desk manager

Nikki always had a strong passion for health, fitness and nutrition. She started her fitness career at age 16 when she volunteered at World Gym. In the years to come Nikki took on the roles of Personal Trainer, Ready-Fit Coach, and Front Desk Administrator in numerous fitness clubs in New York and Southern California.Nikki enjoys the opportunity to share her knowledge of all things heath and wellness at SaunaBar!


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