Infrared Sauna Therapy

Today, we are exposed to a multitude of toxins that break us down and affect our energy fields. These outside “changes” begin to infest and dwell inside our bodies. It alters our body chemistry and DNA. The good news is you can cleanse this buildup of toxins and eventually remove them with regular Infrared Sauna therapy.

Our saunas feature dual-detox benefits and offer the full spectrum of infrared rays (near, mid, and far infrared). Most other saunas in Los Angeles only offer far infrared, or none at all.

When visiting SaunaBar, you can be sure you’re investing your time and resources wisely. It’s the most beneficial relaxation treatment you can do for your entire well-being.

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why our infrared sauna pods are superior
  • Our infrared sauna pods emit both far and near infrared light therapy. This provides you with a unique, dual-action detox!
  • Our beds are lined with 440 jade stones. This adds a powerful healing component to your sweat experience.
  • Our state-of-the-art sauna pods also allow you to breathe fresh air. (This keeps your head from overheating during the detox process.)
  • In contrast to infrared wraps or wood saunas, jade stones are not porous. This protects you from bacteria exposure and provides you with a cleaner sweat experience.
  • Our Infrared Red Light technology penetrates up to ten inches into the exterior epidermis. This helps to truly recharge, rebuild, and detoxify on a cellular level.

Much like the sun, infrared saunas use an invisible wavelength. This raises the temperature in your body without heating the surrounding air. This radiant heat penetrates deep below the skin, and activates an abundance of natural healing properties.

Much like the sun, infrared saunas use an invisible wavelength. This raises the temperature in your body without heating the surrounding air. This radiant heat penetrates deep below the skin, and activates an abundance of natural healing properties.

Traditional saunas in Los Angeles only heat the air around you, rather than the body directly. The temperatures often range from 180-220 degrees and most people cannot stand this “outside heat” for a long period of time, especially when their head is enclosed inside the sauna chamber. They tend to feel an intense drying effect.

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New to Infrared? Try our one week SaunaPod Treatments intro!
Just $199!
(** New clients only. Offer applies to infrared treatments only. One treatment may be used per day. Sessions must be used within 7 days from the first visit. **)


lifestyle benefits

improve skin

heal from the inside-out as you experience the wonders of near and far infrared light therapy

incredible reparative potential

reduces inflammation and even treats sunburns!

burn calories

up to 600 calories in just one 30-40 minute sauna cycle

improve cardiac output

heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops

remove toxins

revitalize your body as you release stress-inducing toxins and heavy metals

deep cleaning

non-invasive approach to eradicating leftover toxins from tissues and organs, it even promotes mercury detoxification

relieve pain

an alternative way to treat and alleviate arthritis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and sprains

holistic healing

eastern medicine meets the west with biofeedback technology – healing rays via vibration & light frequency

reduce stress

put things in perspective as you take a moment to breathe, there's no time like the present

passive weight loss

sit back, relax, and let the slim body revolution begin

strengthen immunity

give a jolt to your body's natural defenses as you release harmful irritants out of every single pore

prevent cancer

reduces swelling of prostate in men and controls excessive leukorrhea in women

SaunaPods utilize near and far infrared light therapy, this means both fast and slow wavelength light permeate and heat the skin from the inside out, without heating the surrounding air. Traditional saunas heat the air, which in turn heats the body from the outside at temperatures that range from 180 to 220 degrees. The infrared SaunaPod’s novel heating method coupled with the fact that the user can breathe fresh room temperature air affords special healing properties. Longer treatment times and greater detoxifying effects are just a few of the benefits reaped from this state-of-the-art heating method. The longer you spend detoxifying your body, the greater the tension is released.

Wrinkles, age spots, and varicose veins become problems of the past as the body repairs itself from the inside out. Immediate stressors and chronic stress are targeted as you relax in the comforting lining of these incredible machines lined with healing jade stones. Aside from all of these incredible benefits, white blood cell production is increased, aiding in strengthening the immune system, buffers are re-balanced promoting a more regular biorhythms and healthy sleep pattern. Problems like arthritis, joint pain, fibromyalgia, and carpal tunnel are treated homeopathically with real observable results. On top of all of this the body is stimulated during treatment, which burns up to 600 calories with each infrared SaunaPod session.


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SaunaBar Infrared SaunaPod Jade Stones in Los Angeles

We understand how life can be hectic and stress inducing, isn’t it time for you to treat yourself to some self care? Sit back, relax, and let your body realign as you melt into 440 activated crystal jade stones. Let the healing set in as you let go of the cacophony in your mind.

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The SaunaPod is a modern-day evolution of infrared wraps and wood saunas.
Get your healing on in a private, safe, and sanitary space.

  • open air breathing
  • each SaunaPod has its own private room
  • non-porous surface creates sanitary environment
  • infrared light therapy acts as via healing biofeedback mechanism
  • knowledgable in-site staff address each clients personal concerns
  • sweat out toxic particles
  • a divine transcendental experience
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