Red Light Therapy

Light plays an essential role in our health.

  • Jaundice? In newborns, it’s treated with sunlight.
  • Vitamin D deficiency? Treatable in part by spending time under the sun.
  • Depression? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) may be staved off by spending time in the sun or under a lamp that emulates natural sunlight.

Time, experience, and expertise have shown us that other kinds of light can also display benefits.

Enter red light therapy.

It’s been used in clinical settings in such countries as Japan, Canada, and Northern Ireland for decades. But a wider range of professionals and patients only relatively recently embraced red light therapy. They did so to treat conditions such as knee osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, cognitive dysfunction following brain injury, and fibromyalgia.

This treatment option is available to you today at SaunaBar. The near infrared spectrums in our SaunaPods deliver the same benefits as the wavelengths from traditional red light therapy, so you can get the best of both worlds at SaunaBar!

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When you choose red light therapy at SaunaBar, you choose:
  • Specially trained technicians prepared to leverage the healing qualities of red light therapy fully.

  • An FDA-approved treatment for chronic joint pain, wounds, wrinkles, hair loss, and acne.

  • An inviting and relaxing environment dedicated to improving your wellness from the moment you enter.

  • State-of-the-art sauna pods that allow you to breathe fresh air and avoid uncomfortable overheating.

  • A jade stone base that protects you from bacteria exposure. (In contrast, infrared wraps and wood saunas are porous.)

Our staff welcomes you into a comfortable space that invites you to relax, breathe, and heal. We personalize our technology to your specific needs. In the case of red light therapy, this means in part a schedule and duration optimized to achieve the goals you desire.

Your experience at our leading-edge Los Angeles facility concludes with a heightened awareness of the natural, non-toxic tools at your disposal to fight the ravages of modern life. Information that leads to transformation is available to you now.

SaunaBar delivers red light therapy in our SaunaPods along with a number of other technology-assisted therapies. But our approach, our passion, and our results are all rooted in treatments established decades or even centuries ago. This is sincere care spiked with incredible technology.

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lifestyle benefits

improve skin

heal from the inside-out as you experience the wonders of near and far infrared light therapy

incredible reparative potential

reduces inflammation and even treats sunburns!

burn calories

up to 600 calories in just one 30-40 minute sauna cycle

improve cardiac output

heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops

remove toxins

revitalize your body as you release stress-inducing toxins and heavy metals

deep cleaning

non-invasive approach to eradicating leftover toxins from tissues and organs, it even promotes mercury detoxification

relieve pain

an alternative way to treat and alleviate arthritis, muscle spasms, joint stiffness, and sprains

holistic healing

eastern medicine meets the west with biofeedback technology – healing rays via vibration & light frequency

reduce stress

put things in perspective as you take a moment to breathe, there's no time like the present

passive weight loss

sit back, relax, and let the slim body revolution begin

strengthen immunity

give a jolt to your body's natural defenses as you release harmful irritants out of every single pore

prevent cancer

reduces swelling of prostate in men and controls excessive leukorrhea in women

Red light therapy in our SaunaPods bathes the user in wavelengths of light. These wavelengths are calibrated to help your body combat the effects of aging, injury, and the pollutants we’re exposed to in today’s mechanized world. They do this by boosting your body’s mitochondria, which produce adenosine triphosphate (or ATP) and regulate cellular metabolism. ATP has been described as “second in importance only to DNA” and the “most widely distributed high-energy compound within the human body.”

Red light therapy in one of our SaunaPods at SaunaBar is carefully designed to increase your holdings of this vital biological currency. It’s an untapped restorative resource for those seeking a non-invasive form of rejuvenation. Rejuvenation free of the frightening potential side effects that accompany other possible solutions.


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SaunaBar Infrared SaunaPod Jade Stones in Los Angeles

We understand how life can be hectic and stress inducing, isn’t it time for you to treat yourself to some self care? Sit back, relax, and let your body realign as you melt into 440 activated crystal jade stones. Let the healing set in as you let go of the cacophony in your mind.

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The SaunaPod is a modern-day evolution of infrared wraps and wood saunas.
Get your healing on in a private, safe, and sanitary space.

  • open air breathing
  • each SaunaPod has its own private room
  • non-porous surface creates sanitary environment
  • infrared light therapy acts as via healing biofeedback mechanism
  • knowledgable in-site staff address each clients personal concerns
  • sweat out toxic particles
  • a divine transcendental experience
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