improve balance

realign the chakras to restore the body's natural ability to repair and balance itself

divine magnetism

coupled copper coils create an elevating magnetic field

target pain

each 30 minute session specifically targets pain, stiffness and stress

reduce stress

allow yourself to enter a state of deep meditation as the Magnesphere’s electromagnetic polarity permeates each molecule of your body.

better sleep

synergized magnetic resonance treats insomnia and restores natural biorhythms

aid focus

sharpen your attention by restoring your body’s natural balance mechanisms

At SaunaBar we’ve implemented Magneceutical™ Health’s latest Magnetic resonance therapy system – the Magnesphere. It is a cutting-edge piece of machinery, which utilizes electromagnetic fields to “enhance feelings of relaxation.” Sitting in the Magnesphere for even just a single session begins an amazing activating process in every nucleus of every cell in your body. Patients remain awake for the 30 minute sessions, but have been known to drift into comforting slumber because the magnetic hum of the two copper coils on each side of the cockpit are so comforting.

Give a jolt to your magnetic life force – be the change you’d like to see in the world with this unique holistic healing experience. We suggest three to six initial session in the first two weeks, with a follow up regiment developed and tailored to the unique response exhibited by patients. Keep reading to learn more about magnetic resonance therapy below:

Magnetic Resonance Therapy: The Frontier of Holistic Healing

If you live in Los Angeles and Live a Holistic Life, you’re no stranger to Energy Healing. Whether it’s Crystal Healing or Reiki, we have it all here.

At SaunaBar we not only believe in this kind of healing but understand the science behind it as well. That’s why we’ve invested in the Magnesphere.

What is that you may ask? It is a cutting edge relaxation device that is on the front lines of energetic healing. Imagine laying in a Zero Gravity Chair while an invisible electromagnetic field surrounds you. As you relax or fall asleep it realigns your cells on a Molecular Level.

By realigning, we mean that it is restoring your cells to their greatest level of vibration. Or simply put, it helps your body work the way it was meant to.

Restore Your Body to True and Vibrant Health: Relaxation Response

Magneceutical™ Health developed the Magnesphere.™ Their vision was to create a whole body immersion system that utilizes precise (extremely low level) electromagnetic fields to “enhance feelings of relaxation.” Magnetic Resonance Therapy helps in relieving pain, stiffness, and stress. It also can aid us on a mental and emotional level. This provides you with deeper clarity and better sleep.

Some of our clients even report having transcendental spiritual experiences during their Magnesphere sessions. (This technology involves no drugs, surgery, or pain.)

Magnesphere™ relaxation sessions are either 30 or 60 minutes long. Patients can remain awake, but may be so relaxed they end up napping during the session. Three to six initial sessions within a two week period are suggested to start. Follow-up schedules are developed based upon the client’s individual response.


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This incredible new piece of technology utilizes coupled copper coils to create a magnetic field which harmonizes with your body. Enter a new spirit gravity as you sit back and relax in a transcending experience, which realigns each of your body’s natural energy centers.

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the Magnesphere is a unique blend of spirit-science offered exclusively by SaunaBar. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a session in this amazing new machine.

  • transcendental healing experience
  • realign out of balance energies
  • awaken spiritually as you relax physically and mentally
  • put the spring back in your step after only a couple sessions
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