28 11, 2018

Detoxing 101

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What is detoxing?
The practice of helping the body release stored toxins in an effective, safe way.

Why would you want to detox?
Our world is a little different than it used to be. The chemicals, pollutants, and additives that are in our environment now are more concentrated and prolific than ever. These toxins disrupt our hormones, our […]

7 09, 2018

How Infrared Sauna Helps Athletes

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Why do so many people purposely seek out the discomfort of saunas? Think about it. The climate in a sauna is repulsively hot, often over 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 100 percent humidity. Sweat immediately starts pooling at your feet. If you were wearing clothes, they’d be instantly ruined. We pay cash money to use them and then… well, […]

24 08, 2018

Infrared vs Red Light Therapy What’s The Difference

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Each day we are surrounded by light energy, sometimes we see it, and sometimes we don’t. For centuries, great minds have theorized what it is, how it travels and how it affects life on our planet. Ancient cultures, researchers and philosophers came up with many concepts, but sometime in the 1860’s James Clerk Maxwell, a Scottish physicist, proposed […]