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Some of Los Angeles’ most coveted holistic healing secrets can be found in this quaint, private oasis. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity for your personal evolution. Scroll down to read what people are saying about SaunaBar’s unique holistic detox and weight loss programs.

Infrared SaunaPod


“I came here to try the Jade Stone Infrared SaunaPod – and was not disappointed! The staff were so friendly and helpful and the sauna was amazing! I felt full of great energy after the session, and definitely sweat a lot more than I usually do in a regular sauna… my skin felt amazing afterwards and I had a glow. You burn 600 calories while you’re lying in there too – whats not to love about that? Can’t wait to go back!”
Kristina D., Los Angeles
“I went to SaunaBar to try the Infrared Sauna. I have done other infrared saunas before, but had no idea that they are NOT all created equal. The one at SaunaBar is like a giant pod that you lie down inside and it gently closes over you. The bottom is lined with real jade stones, and once it closes, your head is actually still outside the pod. This allowed me to breathe and not have my head get super hot. It took about 20 minutes during the 40 minute sauna to start sweating but once I did it felt like a full body detox. The rays actually penetrate and heal your body. At the end I couldn’t explain how good I felt. It was like I was floating and had released so much stress and tension. I will be back, and if you have ever tried infrared saunas, but haven’t tried the ones at SaunaBar, you have to do it! It was awesome.”
Christian C., Los Angeles
“I cannot say enough good things about their Infrared SaunaPods. I’ve been using them for two months now and am kind of obsessed. I like to detox with the infrared beds about 3 times per week. Each and every time I can feel my stress disappear — It’s like nothing else I’ve ever experienced!

A secondary benefit I’ve noticed is that my skin feels refreshed — like it can really “breathe” when I get out. I’m pretty convinced my skin gets significantly clogged with the hard water in my building. Now that I’ve been using the sauna on a regular basis my skin has vastly improved. The skin in my face actually looks and feels younger — it’s pretty amazing. I really believe if you try these saunas just once, you’ll be hooked. Highly recommended.”

Brin D., Brentwood
“I have been going to SaunaBar for almost a year and a half now. I cannot imagine not going to this place… when I started I wanted to lose about 15lbs… well, within 6 months I lost 25lbs and have kept it off! I couldn’t be happier… the infrared sauna is the best thing I have ever done! I go 3-4 times a weeks and I can’t tell you how much its changed my life! I’m absolutely hooked! I used to have sleeping issues and anxiety on a regular basis before I went to SaunaBar…Since I started I’m sleeping like a baby every night and my anxiety is pretty much GONE! I overall look and feel the best I ever have and I honestly can say I owe it all to SaunaBar.”
Haleh L., Brentwood
“I have only done the Infrared Pod so that’s all I can really comment on. It’s amazing! I’m a huge fan of detox, sweating, infrared technology, and saunas. You will feel SO refreshed after using the pod. Your skin will glow and you will feel a boost in your immune system.

The people who work here are very considerate of your personal needs and health goals. I definitely recommend checking it out!”

Shannon B., Los Angeles
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Transformation Program


“I absolutely love SaunaBar! Jourdan was beyond amazing and helpful with the hCG program and helped me achieve my goals. Everyone there is incredibly supportive and attentive to your needs! Amazing place and people!”
Kelly S., Los Angeles
“I love this place. I lost 25 lbs in 6 weeks on their Weight Loss Transformation program after I was introduced to them by the Chamber of Commerce. My East Coast friend calls it my “Magic Wellness Workout” because it’s kind of like where gym meets spa.

What I love:

– Fast results
– Beautiful location
– The private, upscale feeling
– The Infrared Jade SaunaPods that force me to relax. It’s like a treat when I’m done.
– All the toys. The owner Joseph is obsessed with holistic fitness so he attends conferences and always has new gadgets and health tests that feel cutting edge
– The fact that I want to keep coming back and have consistently shown up week after week
– Fitting back into my jeans
– The compliments :)”

- Maxine T., West Hollywood
“My entire experience with SaunaBar has been fantastic. If you have not tried any of their services, please do, you will not be disappointed. I was originally searching for a place to get a lymphatic drainage massage in Los Angeles, but ended up participating in their weight loss transformation program. After 40 days on the hCG protocol, I lost over 18 lbs., toned and detoxed my body with their vibration machines and infrared sauna pods, and have now kept my weight off for several months. I am really happy with my results and continue to go to maintain my new physique and health. The staff is friendly, the facility is clean, parking is ample (valet), and the atmosphere is peaceful. It’s worth checking out.”
S. Johnson, Los Angeles
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Lymphatic Massage


“This place is awesome. I’ve been here 3 times and I will be back for many more. Love, Love, Love the Lymphatic Compression Massage. Very helpful and friendly staff. Clean and neat!”
Cherie J., Los Angeles
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“SaunaBar has the best supplements and products you can find! They really take pride in researching and bringing the most delicious and nutritious products with only the highest of standards. I am addicted to their Infrared Saunas and Magnesphere machine! One time I had a super crazy neck issue where I couldn’t move it without cringing in pain and I came in for a Magnesphere session. It definitely helped calm the tension and relax me… within a few days it was healed up. If you’re looking for a spa with leading edge technology and people who truly care for your well-being, this is the place for you.”
Taylor F., Los Angeles
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