15 10, 2017

Could you be decificient in minerals?

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Wondering what those symptoms could mean?

The word is out that we aren’t getting enough vitamins and minerals anymore. People are tending to eat less fresh fruit and vegetables but even if you are, our soil is pretty deficient. What does that mean? The soil (and anything grown in it) can’t supply our […]

8 10, 2017

Feeling Salty: What Are the Healthiest Salts?

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What is the best kind of salt for your health?

The most common salt we’ve probably heard of and grown up with is “Table Salt”. This type of salt has usually been baked, bleached, and processed to a point where only sodium chloride remains. In large quantities, sodium chloride has been linked to […]

14 11, 2016

Colloidal Silver: What is it and how does it help me?

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Colloidal Silver: What is it?

Silver has been a trusted resource to the human race for several thousand years now. It’s uses have included eating utensils, medicine, jewelry, money and disinfectant for water. Throughout most of our history, if you could afford to have Silver, you would most definitely have it.

Modern day science has shown us just how important this is […]

16 10, 2016

Welcome to SaunaBar: Your Holistic Detox Paradise

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Welcome to SaunaBar,

your one-stop destination for holistic beauty. Now open in Brentwood, we offer the latest in Holistic Detox Technology. This includes Infrared Sauna, Lymphatic Massage, and Magnetic Resonance Therapy.

What exactly do these do, you may ask?
We’re happy to share.

Infrared Sauna

If you read beauty publications, you […]